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    Why Artichoke

    Artichoke is one of the World’s Healthiest foods guide top healthy choices. This amazing vegetable offers lots of flavor and nutritional value. It comes armed with a barrage of powerful vital antioxidants and cancer-fighting and phytonutrients, such as quercetin, rutin, gallic acid, and cynarin. It is also an important source for magnesium, a mineral vital for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body including generating energy.
    For these reasons we chose the artichoke to represent Soulfull.

    Our Ambition

    Our ambition is to pave the road for a healthier way of living; all our menu items are deliciously high in essential nutrients per calorie, making our food a great choice for a tasty and healthy diet. We believe that the healthy option is the most balanced option rather than simply the lowest calorie option. We work with nutritionists to rate our food based on the balance of calories per nutrient. The artichoke symbol represents this rating from o to 5 next to each item. We only offer food that is rated at least 3 out of 5.

    The more you know about the food you eat, the easier it is to maintain a healthy balanced diet. We encourage you to refer to the nutritional facts next to each item.


    Fresh, healthy and creative are our core values. Our product range is diverse and will continue to grow as we innovate.
    Few things clearly distinguish Soulfull:

    · We care about the balance in our food and not simply counting calories, which is proven to be damaging to health on the long run. We work with nutritionists and experts to achieve the healthy balance without compromising taste.
    · We are diverse and multicultural and this can be seen in our menu.
    · We care about the environment; we recycle and use environmentally friendly packaging
    · We support our community and offer excess food to charity.
    · %90 of our ingredients come daily and we don’t believe in mass-producing in a factory, we prepare and cook everything in the store kitchen.

    Our Team

    Our team is constituted of young business professionals, restaurateurs, marketers, and culinary Chefs.
    Each member of this team works intensively with his group toward achieving our business objectives; hence, leadership, motivation, and innovation are the keys for our success.
    We consider our employees as partners and for this reason we share with them part of our sales, as we want them all the time to feel proud, enjoying coming to duty, result-driven and work with increased productivity.
    Our development team work continuously towards improvement, research, and creativity; as well, our people in the outlets are committed to deliver the best guest experience through serving fresh and gourmet tasty recipes.